LSS @ The Harley w/ Samurai & Platt (Swing Ting)

LSS @ The Harley w/ Samurai & Platt (Swing Ting)

  • Location:Sheffield
  • Venue:The Harley
  • Length:11:00 pm – 04:00 am

After a memorable 9th Birthday session at Yellow Arch, LSS hits up Harley for a hyper session featuring two DJs from one of the most influential record labels in the UK right now.

Coming across the Pennines from a burgeoning scene in Manchester, Samrai & Platt are no strangers to what goes into a wicked party with their residency at the legendary Soup Kitchen venue as well as throwing it down in London and the rest of the UK.

Now their own imprint ‘SwingTing’ is getting props from all over with Bass heavy releases from Zed Bias, Brackles and the big bad MC Fox.

Swingting’s unique sound marries original Caribbean vibes and UK Bass to create a truly unique and dancefloor friendly style that is all their own. Expect Samrai & Platt to duppy the dance alongside the LSS residents.